Concert Review: Gallant

It was a night filled with gold for Montrealers at Theatre Fairmount, from the visuals to the artist’s clothing to that oh-so-sweet falsetto voice of Christopher Gallant. It would have been enough for him to just show up with that voice, but Gallant is more than just his jaw-dropping vocal range, he’s a performer. From someone who was quite calm and laid-back in our interview (coming soon!), his stage presence demonstrates the epitome of night and day – tossing books across the stage (yeah, we don’t know why there were books on stage either), pouring out water bottles on fake plants and climbing furniture. And the dancing.. well that was a treat.

Gallant took stage following a show this past Spring opening for Zhu at New City Gas, who is also signed to Mind of A Genius. The Ology tour is in support of his debut album by the same name. Opening acts included Bibi Bourelly and Eryn Allen Kane.

The R&B-electro-soul artist charmed the swaying audience with his personal and vulnerable lyrics, backed by the melodies of his 3-piece band. Playing favorites from Ology like “Talking to Myself” and “Bourbon” to an audience heavily filled with couple and females, singing along with a beer in hand. The room seemed to go up a few notches in energy when they closed with “Weight in Gold” and “Counting” as the encore, where he led 4 girls from the audience on stage to share the moment. Although he didn’t interact much with the audience, it was certainly a powerful and empowering performance, which came to no surprise, given his loaded lyrics and unmatchable voice.

With such an impressive performance, critical acclaims and roster of impressive shows he’s played to date (including Jimmy Fallon who said he was “the next big thing in R&B” & a tribute to Prince at Coachella), we’re glad we got to see Gallant up-and-close at Fairmount, a more intimate Montreal venue. Things are only going upwards – for both his industry presence and vocal range.

This interview was originally conducted for and published on Confront Magazine, which closed it’s digital doors on January 1st 2017.

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