#NewMusicFriday: February 3 2017

#NewMusicFriday is a weekly roundup of my favorite, noteworthy recent releases.

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Today is a pretty special day – not because of the music (though there is some great releases this week), but because it is my first NMF abroad. Today, I’m in beautiful, yet rainy, Oxford, England. Other than Snapchat and Instagram stories, I’ve shared very little on my trip. So until I start posting, in case you were curious, I am having a wonderful time. I do wish the weather was a little dryer and warmer, but as I look out the window at the puddle-filled cobblestone streets and incredible architecture, I can’t help but be thankful that I get to experience the rain. Plus, I’m listening to Spotify NMF playlists. So you know, it’s certainly not a bad day. Now for the music: this week my top pick goes to

Now for the music: this week my top pick goes to the soothing acoustics of Hollow Coves‘ new EP Wanderlust (yeah, the whole damn thing). I’ve been following Hollow Coves for a few months now and they’ve quickly become one of my new favorite artists. Although I’ve heard most of the tracks prior to today, the new ones released on the album are all the more reason to love this Australian duo. Other notable highlights include Ten Fe, a new discovery of mine and Future Islands’ “We Will Run” off their forthcoming album, The Far Fields, which was announced earlier this week (set to release April 7th).

Give ’em a listen, save ’em, follow the playlist (there’s more there!) & let me know your thoughts and new discoveries in the comments down below. Happy listening!

Future Islands – Ran
Hollow Coves – We Will Run
Ten Fe – In The Air
Snakeships & MØ – Don’t Leave (Gryffin Remix)
The Jungle Giants – I Think Of You
Hollow Coves – These Memories
Allan Rayman – 13

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  1. Jessica Pinto February 4, 2017

    So many good tracks here! Played “Ran” on repeat for a good hour… thanks for the suggestions! Xo


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