#NewMusicFriday: July 28 2017

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Let me first start today by saying how it’s already the last NMF of July is beyond me. I’ve been home 2 months from my trip (more on that… eventually) and it has flown by. Only a month left of summer. Only a month left of summer releases. And “Despacito” is hands down the song of the summer. Sigh.

With all the marketing and PR hype around Montreal’s Arcade Fire‘s Everything Now (see my tweets about that here and here) and the singles dropped thus far, I’m not alone in saying this has been a highly anticipated album. That said, I anticipate it would have been regardless, even without the fun Everything Now Co. marketing, given the status they’ve risen to since winning a Grammy in 2011. The album has had incredibly mixed reviews (this Newsweek and Pitchfork ones are my favorite) thus far and I don’t expect them to slow down. It’s definitely taken a more pop turn, but let’s be real, did you really expect them to release something like Funeral or The Suburbs after the direction they went with Reflektor? Although I’ve only listened to the album once, I’m torn. I really liked “Everything Now,” “Creature Comfort” and “Signs of Life” (3 of the 4 singles) but I’m having trouble finding myself want to even save the rest of the album’s tracks.

Passion Pit has also dropped their new album Tremendous Sea of Love, Joywave has released their’s entitled Content and Moonrise Nation‘s debut album (who I was introduced to today from a friend who knows the band from high school) Glamour Child is out. I admit I’ve only ever listened to their hits in the past and haven’t given the full albums a spin (erm, stream) yet, so I don’t have any major commentary on either yet. Kevin Parker of Tame Impala has a sweet remix of Mick Jagger‘s “Gotta Get A Grip,” Billie Eilish continues to impress me with each new release and new discovery Nick Mulvey sounds a hell of a lot like Vance Joy, who I’m a big fan of. Young The Giant has officially released two tracks, “Mirrorball” and “Mind Over Mtter (reprise)” which they’ve been playing live for some time now. I particularly like the “Mind Over Matter” reprise which highlights just how much a producer’s touch can make a difference on a track. Even though this list typically focuses on highlights, I’ve got to admit, I haven’t been loving the new Killers singles though I am still looking forward to seeing what the upcoming album sounds like.

Charli XCX and Major Lazer both have some pretty unique videos out today. Directed herself, Charli XCX brought in a lot of major names for her role reversal video “Boys” which is currently trending at #6 on YouTube. Check it out below. Major Lazer’s video for “Know You Better” out last month is a two-faced video that allows you to toggle between the main character’s dream and reality. I watched it twice to see both sides of the music video. Whether you like Major Lazer or the track, it’s a cool interactive concept worth checking out. See it on Pitchfork here.

PS: I found out last weekend that my ‘Songs For Travel Videos‘ playlists, which I’ve never posted or shared until now has OVER 500 FOLLOWERS. I started the playlist for the 300GB+ of footage I have yet to edit and apparently I’m not the only one looking for some sweet music to back up sweet visuals. I don’t know how people are finding it but now you can too here. If you like ODESZA, Mura Masa or Flume you won’t be disappointed, mainly because they make up a massive chunk of the 100+ tracks. But there are some goodies on there whether you’re making travel videos or not. Very Majestic Casual vibes.

Arcade Fire – Chemistry
BORNS – Faded Heart
Macklemore – Marmalade ft. Lil Yachty
Young The Giant – Mirrorball
Moonrise Nation – Common Fear
Amine – Spice Girl
Coast Modern – Run It Up
Passion Pit – I’m Perfect
Thandi Pheonix – Standing Too Close
NoMBe – Bad Girls
Nick Mulvey – Mountain To Move
The Killers – Run For Cover
Alex Lahey – Every Day’s The Weekend
Gin Wigmore – Beatnik Trip
Billie Eilish – my boy
Mick Jagger – Gotta Get A Grip (Kevin Parker remix)

Give ’em a listen, save ’em, follow the playlist (there’s more there!) & let me know your thoughts and new discoveries in the comments down below. Happy listening!


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