New Artist Discoveries 01: Declan McKenna, Hollow Coves, Lola Marsh, Sundara Karma, Blaenavon

Discovering artists – new or old – with a sound that instantly makes you want to listen to their discography is a dream come true for every music lover. In the last few months, in addition to my Spotify addiction (yeah, 5+ hours a day), I’ve been tapping into new sources for music discovery, my recent favorite being La Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows and Soirees de Poche (pocket shows). I’ve also been rediscovering an old love: Soundcloud. Here are some of my new artist finds from the last couple of months:

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Declan McKenna

I first heard Declan McKenna on one of Andrew T Kearn’s¬†Vlogs (one of my favorite Instagrammers/photographers/vloggers – check him out) while he was on a road trip. I vaguely remember pulling up the track on another window and being shocked at how young Declan McKenna looked. The now-18-year-old Brit won Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition in 2015 and has been pumping out bangers ever since (although he seemed to have been before too since he managed to win) with Columbia records. He’s now working on his debut full-length¬†album, which is anticipated to be released sometime around May (EDIT: release¬†day i¬†July 21) this year. “Brazil” and “The Kids Don’t Want To Come Home” are two songs which make me happy Spotify doesn’t show a view count. It would be high. Very high.

Hollow Coves

As I’ve mentioned somewhere before, one of my favorite perks of working in the music industry is growing your music circle and knowledge. I’m constantly introduced to new music through working with clients’ artists and also through releases they share on social channels. I was introduced to Hollow Coves’ music via a post made by their manager on Facebook. Every time¬†I hear the indie-folk-acoustic tracks of this Aussie duo, I get that post-travel nostalgia feeling. The album is perfect for train rides in foreign lands with your nose pressed against the window or calm and sunny days at the beach. Or you know, whenever.

Lola Marsh

Lola Marsh isn’t a 100% new discovery. I’d heard “You’re Mine” before¬†but never managed to write it down or save the track. I’m not actually sure where I’d heard it, I just know I had. As soon as I heard the lyrics start I actually smirked, went straight to Spotify, saved the track and followed their artist page. Lola Marsh is the indie-dream-folk-pop (it makes sense once you hear them) brainchild of Israeli artists Gil Landau and Yael Shoshana Cohen. They’ve got a pretty unique voice with a sound that reminds me of a cross between Beirut‘s folk, Zoey Deschanel’s (check She & Him while you’re at it) raspy voice and Edward¬†Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero‘s rhythms. (EDIT: I had the opportunity to shoot Lola Marsh at Jazz Festival and they shared my picture on their Instagram)

Sundara Karma

I was interested who was opening for The Hunna on tour and stumbled across both British band Sundara Karma. Shortly after, I discovered they too had recently released their first album. “A Young Understanding” is now easily one of my favorite tracks of the year. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes and ears on their moves.


Bringing back Blogotheque for another discovery here. A little while back, Lewis Del Mar shared a live video from a Soirees De Poche event. The 3 artists were Isaac Gracie, Lewis Del Mar and you guessed it, Blaenavon. Well, here they are. And they’ll be at Osheaga this summer!

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