Concert Review: Two Door Cinema Club

Monday nights suck. Well, that is unless you’re dancing to Irish Indie band Two Door Cinema Club at one of Montreal’s best venues. The band made a return to Montreal last night for the first time since their 2013 Osheaga performance to a packed and amped audience. With support from New Zealand Indie Pop/Electronica duo Broods, the tour is in support of their recent released third album, Gameshow.

TDCC played a mix of songs off all 3 albums, including all the fan-favorites. They kept the focus on the music, leaving talking and thanks to a minimal. They did, however, make an effort to give a little gratitude in French, something always appreciate by Montreal audiences.

Gameshow didn’t quite live up to the hype following Tourist History [2010] and Beacon [2012] and it was obvious watching the crowd. Despite it’s strong and meaningful lyrics, the music didn’t quite resonate or reflect their beloved sound. Classics like “Sun,” “I Can Talk” and “What You Know” had the audience bouncing, singing and waving their arms, while most their newer tracks, other than “Bad Decisions” and “Are We Ready?” saw less hype and lyric familiarity.

While the live mixing didn’t quite match their polished album sound, the visuals were incredible. Indie bands tend to keep it simple, often only incorporating some stage lights and a branded backdrop, but TDCC brought it to the next level. With 7 LED panels coordinated to the music, there was more than just music to enjoy. It was reminiscent of what we’re used to seeing at a pop or dance show, but it didn’t seem out of place.

Following the classic Montreal “Olé, Olé, Olé” chant (I have yet to experience this elsewhere), the band closed with a 2-song encore before thanking the audience and heading off stage.

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This interview was originally conducted for and published on Confront Magazine, which closed it’s digital doors on January 1st 2017.

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