Concert Review: Sticky Fingers

Full disclosure: Sticky Fingers is my favorite band. And, while it would be hard to be disappointed in the presence of your favorite band, in an effort to not be biased, this concert was still – to no surprise – amazing. The venue was sold out, the band released a new album 3 weeks ago and fans were ready to party.

While playing a larger venue often tends to have a negative impact on the overall show atmosphere, it seemed as though their Club Soda performance was comparable to that of their April 2016 show at L’Astral. You might have been further from the stage, but you still felt up-and-close each time frontman Dylan Frost (aka Dizza) crowd surfed across the venue. Jimmy Young of Bootleg Rascals – opening band and label-mates on Sureshaker – joined the band on stage twice to play several songs as well. The high energy 14-song setlist was followed up by an underwhelming encore, which is my only negative commentary on the show.

Performing for the amped crowd at Club Soda, StiFi played a mix of tracks from their three albums, including their recently released LP, Westway (The Glitters and The Slums), for which the tour is in support of.  The rough, wild and oftentimes illegal experiences the boys have sought through are evident in their new work, with darker, more profound lyrics. And while they’ve explored new ranges in their recent LP, they didn’t steer too far from their classic, beloved sound.

Saying these guys are known for being reckless would be an understatement. They’ve been banned from several venues and are known for their ‘stimulated’ lifestyles. With several stage dives and rumors (read: friends’ snapchats) of some wild backstage afterparties, it seems StiFi is still glorifying in their infamous rockstar lifestyle ways. But we’re not complaining – it’s what adds to their band’s personality and musical content.

The Montreal show was the last North American stop of the tour before they head back to Australia to continue touring until the end of the year. The band also played another sold-out show earlier in the year at L’Astral. This show follows the cancellation and postponing of their 3 previous shows in Minneapolis, Chicago and Toronto.


Land of Pleasure
Outcast at Last
Gold Snafu
Sad Songs
Freddy Crabs
Bootleg Rascals
Velvet Skies
Just For You
Liquor Loaded Gun
Tongue & Cheek
Rum Rage
Our Town
How To Fly
Australia Street

No Divide

Featured image by Sam Brumby.

This interview was originally conducted for and published on Confront Magazine, which closed it’s digital doors on January 1st 2017.

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